Charles has helped hundreds
of people lose over 20,000 lbs,
and that was just in one year!

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The Program

This is not about some new magical diet or exercise program. As you know, any healthy diet and exercise plan works when you follow it. You've probably lost weight before on a number of diets. Working with Charles, it's all about the missing link, your mindset, and discovering the motivation to stay committed and focused on a new lifestyle, so that maintaining once you reach your goal is a reality! You will learn Charles's method at a pace that is manageable for your current lifestyle and goal.

Katy Pavelonis lost 80lbs
Mark Dodd lost 105lbs
Buzz Brown lost 223lbs
Eric Morff lost 115lbs
Dr. Arlene Taich lost 70lbs
Katie Powell lost 62lbs
*Results obtained vary, and specific outcomes may not occur.

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What Leaders Are Saying

President Bill Clinton "I've seen several of my friends benefit from their work with Charles. His book Think and Grow Thin proves the enormous power of healthy food and exercise combined with the personal determination to stay with it. Charles gets amazing results. Read the book, follow it, and you will, too."
Angela Bassett "Charles knows how to help you get the best out of yourself--he'll get you excited and ready to take action, formulate a strategy that works for you, and see you through to your goals. He really cares that you succeed. Thanks Charles!"
Anthony Robbins "Charles demonstrates your biography is not your destiny. He has a fiery passion to truly serve using his gifts. Let him inspire you to unleash your power!"
Richard Simmons "You have heard of Cinderella, now meet Cinderfella. Charles is an amazing man who turned his life around and who now will dedicate his life to helping others and I know he will. Bless you Charles and all that you do!"

About Charles

Although it might be hard to believe that someone that was once morbidly obese could earn national acclaim for helping hundreds of people take control of their health and habits, Charles D'Angelo has done exactly that. A decade ago, the idea of such a bright and promising future would have been incomprehensible to Charles. He was morbidly obese, miserable and had resigned himself to lifetime of lonely nights spent gorging on junk food in front of the TV. It took one sudden, terrifying experience to help Charles make the decision that saved his life.

In a matter of just a couple of years, he was able to change not only his body - going from wearing a size-50 pant to having an enviably lean, muscular physique - but also his entire world. Through his own transformation, which included extensive studies of the masters of psychology, Charles learned that success starts in the mind. Armed with this newfound knowledge, determination and an arsenal of valuable strategies, he set out on a mission to improve as many lives as possible and has been doing just that for the last decade.